An excellent video – very good message – Year 7 students need to pay close attention to this.


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on the road with a bike


Decisions – can on a bike mean LIFE or DEATH.

There is an advert at the moment on TV about a man who says I should be at home now… but (he was a motor cyclist) but there is even LESS protection for a pedal cyclist…

Do you risk running the lights?

Do you wait a little longer?


I am very grateful to Mr Penagos – for his advice on the route I should take to school – thanks to him – I have quiet roads and very very little traffic.


RAIN – and what to wear on your bike

Not quite torrential rain this evening – but wet enough non the less…. I was pleased to have my gortex jacket on – and the trousers did a valiant job too…. However the footwear got soaked… light Diesel trainers – no protection against the rain or the water lying on the roads too.

Maybe one of my next investments – but better shoes may mean I have to change the pedals.. in order to have the overshoes that I want!


Oh dear – so much for cheap transportation…





Pedal cycling – my jouney on Two Wheels

Having had a variety of bikes over a number of years – I bought this one at the Lloyd’s Auction at Wandsworth about 9 or 10 years ago.  I was delighted with it – and at the time went slightly mad with buying bikes at auction – I think part of this was NOT my fault – I had purchased something – I forget what, and then nobody wanted the 4 bikes before the ONE that I got… But when I went to collect, I found that the auctioneer had decided to bundle them all together…

I had a devil of a job getting them to Kingston where was living.  One didn’t have a saddle – however – eventually I bought a new saddle – which cost me £30 as I also had an extended saddle post.  I did then sell it to someone, they gave me £10 of the £30 I asked…. When they moved on the bike moved back to me…

However, the Barracuda has been with me  for ages – and it has seen some action – but not until this September have I been serious about using it as a means to get to school and back again.  To this aim I lashed out on an expensive saddle bag, and a decent light both bought through Halfords at Kingston-upon-Thames.  The saddlebag was ordered and paid for online, but the lights were a spur of the moment decision.   I have yet to invest in something with greater power, but when I do – it will probably be an Ebay or online purchase.

So for the first part of term I couldn’t manage more than a couple of days into school via pedal power, but then I managed 3 and last week 4 days.  The only downside is that by Friday I was absolutely bushed!

I am including some photos taken when out with the dog in the woods this morning.


Did you notice that when I got back I actually CLEANED my bike – a little… just hot water and washing up liquid,,,, and a darn good brush.